An opportunity for folks to monetarily support Chabad of Vermont in a consistent and meaningful way. 


Every month, the individual/family/group provides an automatic donation in increments of chai ($18, $36, $72, or more!). With $18 per month, this puts one person’s yearly contribution at $216, not including other donations of any kind (ex. Volunteering, in-kind donations, knowledge, etc). This money will be instrumental in the continued growth and evolution of Chabad of Vermont. 

By donating an increment of Chai ($18, $36, $54, $72, etc ) monthly, you are giving life to the Jewish community. Your donation will help to fund the work of Chabad of Vermont and allow us to continue to meet the needs and desires of the community.  

The Chai Club is divided into Affinity Groups so that you can help us develop and continue programs that you feel passionately about.

The affinity groups are as follows: 

    Gan Yeladim


    Culture and Traditions

    Youth Activities   

    Adult Education

    Art and Music

Descriptions of each affinity group can be found below.  


It is easy, and quick! Simply fill out this form, and become a Chai Club member today!


Culture and Traditions: 

From community Shabbat dinner, to Shabbat and Holiday services, Torah learning, and all the other programs that you love -The Culture and Traditions Affinity Group strives to bring everyone together in order to experience a strong, vibrant, loving community united by cultural and religious events.  

Gan Yeladim: 

All proceeds will go towards helping Gan Yeladim continue to foster children’s development and love of learning! Projects include (but are not limited to):

Building the new playgrounds and garden spaces-helping us to build creative and stimulating playgrounds for both the younger classes and older children. Additionally, it will help fund the creation of gardens where youth can play and learn to engage with gardening, plant life, and other ecologically sustainable projects!

Program development-program development relating to your children’s passions and interests! Ex. Music Together, Hebrew immersion, farm day, art, etc.

Tangible objects for classrooms-all the objects and materials we need to make Gan Yeladim keep running! Ex. classroom materials, books, art equipment, etc


A monthly dynamic gathering for young working professionals and creatives!  

Bringing together Jewish community is one of our foremost priorities. Help us continue to foster a sense of togetherness through food, discussion, and camaraderie! From Kabbalat Shabbat services, to themed dinners, and banter there is a place for you here. Whether you are new to the area or local, this affinity group is passionate about ensuring that this important, dynamic, and fun program continues to grow and evolve.  

Youth Activities

Camp Gan Israel, JUDA After-school Program, holiday parties, Big Sibling/Mentorship Programs.

This Affinity Group is designed for those passionate about shaping the minds and souls of youth. Our youth programs aim to imbue youth with a sense of purpose. We strive to ensure youth have positive Jewish experiences, feel they have an integral place in the community, and create lifelong friendships. 

Adult Education 

We fundamentally believe that learning is a lifelong process however, opportunities are not always available to those who would like to engage.   This Chai Club is passionate about providing those opportunities and stimulating lifelong Jewish education and engagement. By joining this Affinity Group you are helping to support thought provoking, engaging and meaningful programming for adults. 

Art and Music 

Art and music are integral parts of Jewish life. From prayers, to folk music, writing, painting, ceramics and more- music and art provide a unique form of self-expression, and creating community.  This Affinity Group is passionate about ensuring that art and music traditions are kept alive and vibrant.