Frequently Asked Questions

Will there still be an outdoor playground?
The current playground will be moved to the front of the property during the remaining construction. To ensure safety of the children, it will be fenced & gated.

Once construction is finished, the new outdoor playground will be at the South side of the property.

Will there be impact on programming during construction?
All programming will continue as usual during construction. Every effort is being made by the contractors to minimize inconvenience. Please be patient with them.

Will there now be membership or other fees to cover the cost of building?
No. Chabad believes that it is vital to ensure that Jewish engagement is not dependent on a person’s financial status and therefore is not financing this project through required membership or other fees. The Chabad Community Center is being built with the generous support of community members like yourself.

Will the building be handicapped accessible?
Yes. There will be a ramp to the main floor sanctuary and a ground floor entrance to the bottom level for increased accessibility.