JLI Semesters – 5781



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Secrets of the Bible

Nov 4
14 Cheshvan


20 Kislev


Journey of the Soul



         18 Shevat

23 Adar


Course on Mashiach
Title TBA

13 Iyar

19 Sivan

Course Descriptions

Fall: Secrets of the Bible

This course was scheduled to run last year, but by overwhelming affiliate consensus was postponed. This course explores key stories of the Chumash—e.g., chet etz hadaas, Yosef and his brothers, and Korach’s rebellion—uncovering their mystical significance as well as their practical applications for daily life in the here and now. Based on Chassidus, and the Rebbe’s works in particular, the lessons of this course demonstrate how the many details, questions, and mysterious twists in these iconic narratives are resolved by viewing them through the lens of the “soul of Torah.”

Winter: Journey of the Soul

This course—which we are working on getting approved for accreditation for mental health and medical practitioners—is a revised and enhanced version of the bestselling course by the same title that JLI ran in 2015. The course discusses life and afterlife, burial and grave visitation, heaven and hell, reincarnation, shiva and grief, and more. The course provides a comforting perspective on the neshamah’s transition to the next world—with emphasis on how this perspective impacts our choices and priorities here in this world. We hope to repeat the success of last time around, when most affiliates saw record enrollment.

Spring: Course on Mashiach
(Title TBA)

This course is timed for release thirty years following the historic sichah of 28 Nisan, 5751, and the subsequent sichos during that spring and summer in which the Rebbe highlighted the importance of learning inyanei geulah. The course sets for itself a formidable objective: to take a topic that to the average person is fantasy and irrelevant, and to make it real and highly pertinent. This course aims to educate about inyanei ge’ulah uMashiach, but more than that, to shift people’s conceptions in this area so that the subject becomes relatable and meaningful.


As many of you are aware, JLI has recently launched a Mashiach Curriculum series. What is the difference between the “Mashiach Curriculum” and the (yet to be named) “Mashiach Course” scheduled for the Spring of 5781?

The Mashiach Curriculum is (a) primarily informational, intended to teach an assortment of ge’ulah related topics, and (b) geared principally to an “insider” crowd of mekuravim.

The Mashiach course is (a) intended to be transformational. Each lesson is constructed so as to remove another blockage that makes Mashiach irrelevant and impractical to the average person. Its goal is not to comprehensively cover all ge’ulah-related topics, but collectively, through its lessons, to change a person’s fundamental perception of Mashiach and ge’ulah. (b) The course is geared—as is the case with all Flagship courses—to the widest audience possible.

Both are valuable offerings, but they have different objectives and target audiences.