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About Chabad of Vermont

About Chabad of Vermont


The Chabad Jewish Community Center is...

The Jewish destination in the Burlington area — in fact Vermont — with a warm atmosphere and a welcoming environment whether its for daily life and growth or just for a visit.

Holidays come alive at Chabad with enriching programs that unite us with our Jewish heritage no matter your background or affiliation.

The joy and enthusiasm of Shabbat, the happiness of Sukkot and Purim, the thrill and excitement of Simchat Torah, and the awe of hearing the Ten Commandments on Shavuos. Here is continuity where our tradition remains alive and vibrant.

Here is your "Home Away From Home."

Let us know you're on your way — we're waiting to welcome you!

Rabbi Yitzchok Raskin, Family & Community

Life Lessons

with Rabbi Raskin

Synagogue Services

Join us for regular services

Torah Studies

Monday Nights 7PM


Starting May 10th